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Recruitment management module showing the hiring dashboard witth the colourful graphs of job opnening

Hiring Dashboard

Provide a comprehensive overview of all open positions within the company, including the job title, number of positions available, location, and hiring manager. It simplifies tracking features that allow recruiters to track each candidate’s progress in the recruitment pipeline, from initial application to onboarding. Allow recruiters to filter candidates by their qualifications, skills, experience, and location.
Colouful graphs reflect the number of job opening and application received by source
Dot is showing in the right direction with curve line

Job Explore

Job explore can be a great way to streamline and enhance your hiring process. Provide detailed job descriptions, including the job title, responsibilities, qualifications, and compensation. It allows job seekers to filter open positions by location, job type, and salary range.
Hiring module shows job explore section with the list of different and active jobs in the organization
Dot is showing in the left direction with curve line

Pre-Boarding Process

It can help streamline the transition from candidate to employeeand ensure a smooth onboarding experience. It automatically sends a personalized welcome message to candidates upon accepting an offer. This message can include details about their start date, reporting manager, and any necessary documentation they need to complete before their first day. It includes Pre-Employment Documents, Onboarding Checklist, New Employee Information, Company Information, and Resources, Preparing for Day One, Mentor/Onboarding Buddy Assignment, Communication Platform, and Pre-Onboarding Surveys.
Dashboard reflect the details of difference candidate who are in the process of pre boarding
Dot is showing in the right direction with curve line

All Candidates

Emossy simplifies the recruitment process by maintaining detailed records of candidates along with their resumes who fall under any stage from being sourced to being hired all in one place.
All candidates detilas showing in a single window
Dot is showing in the left direction with curve line

Job Requested

Saving a lot of time, Emossy lets you access the list of candidates required for a particular job along with the number of required candidates. This feature helps in the organization of requests made for hiring new candidates.
Job request comes under recruitment module it shows the active job request with the option of accept and reject
Dot is showing in the right direction with curve line

Recruiter Report

The Recruiter’s Report feature provides concise analytics for each recruiter, showcasing screenings, interviews, and successful hires they’ve sourced, offering valuable insights into individual performance.
Recruitment report shows the hiring and its status thorugh round charts
Emossy is a comprehensive Employee Management Software aimed to streamline automation for organizations of all sizes ranging across all industries.
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