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Achieve work-life harmony effortlessly through our intuitive Leave Management tool.

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Leave dashboard comes under me module and the window reflect the status of all my leaves along woth the remaining leasve balance

Leave Dashboard

Leave Dashboard is the ultimate solution for employee leave management. Our innovative Emossy is designed to streamline the entire process, making it easier than ever to track, approve, and manage employee leave requests.
Montly and weekly leave pattern and different types looks cool in colourful graphs
Dot is showing in the right direction with curve line

Attendance Management

An attendance management system is a software application that helps organizations track and manage employee attendance. The system can accurately track employees’ hours worked, including break times and overtime. It is a system for employees to clock in and out, such as a biometric time clock or mobile app.
Detailed insights into employee attendance records
Dot is showing in the left direction with curve line

Work From Home

Work From Home (WFH) where employees can see their approved WFH days and keep track of their WFH days in addition to regular leave types like sick leave and vacation leave. It helps in maintaining productivity during unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, transportation issues, or personal circumstances.

It can be used to manage employee leaves and attendance even when they are working remotely.

It can streamline the process of requesting and tracking WFH days while enhancing overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

Leave dashboard reflects the leave quotation of monthly and weekly leave pattern and types of leaves
Emossy is a comprehensive Employee Management Software aimed to streamline automation for organizations of all sizes ranging across all industries.
You can avail the Emossy Experience for FREE with a 15-day trial.
Emossy easily integrates with all industry leading tools.


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