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Happy Employees Make Great Organizations!

Emossy comes to you as a panacea for organization automation that isn’t merely an HRMS. It encompasses all features of a traditional HRMS such as recruitment, payroll, time and attendance, and performance and project management.
However, Emossy adopts a fresh approach with modern features such as Asset Master, Growth module, integrated CRM, while also serving as an Employee Intranet.
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Our Mission

Emossy is on a mission to empower businesses worldwide by providing one seamless employee management solution.We’re here to dream big, simplify complexities, encourage collaboration, and elevate performance.
Our goal is to ensure peak productivity and efficient asset utilization, aiding simplified business automation.
Round charts showing monthly status of tickets of diffetent deparments
Timesheet management screen shows the status of task details and staus and priority

Our Vision

Emossy strives to be your best companion at the workplace by simplifying processes and extending unwavering support to employees and organizations, nurturing a delightful employee experience.

Our Core Values

Respect – Honour Relationships

We treat our team members with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and cultures and value their contributions in all aspects of the business

Excellence/ exceeding the expectations

Excellence at our company means consistently surpassing expectations, delivering outstanding results, and continuously striving for the highest standards in everything we do


Teamwork, respect, and open, honest communications define the way we work with our colleagues, customers and partners

Accountability – Everyone is accountable

We accept responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises. We make and support business decisions through vast experiences, good judgement, and ownership of outcomes.
Emossy is a comprehensive Employee Management Software aimed to streamline automation for organizations of all sizes ranging across all industries.
You can avail the Emossy Experience for FREE with a 15-day trial.
Emossy easily integrates with all industry leading tools.


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