Project Management System

Drive project success seamlessly with collaborative tools designed for efficient planning, execution, and monitoring.

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Project Dashboard

The Project Master in Emossy offers a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of all projects, displaying key details, progress, and financial information in one centralized hub. Streamline project management with this intuitive tool, ensuring efficient oversight and informed decision-making. onboarding. Allow recruiters to filter candidates by their qualifications, skills, experience, and location.

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All Projects Board

The ‘All Projects Board’ goes beyond surface details, offering an in-depth perspective on each project, including comprehensive insights into status, dates, timesheet entries, and priority. Simplify project management with a detailed view, enabling precise decision-making and efficient oversight.
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Task Approval

Task Approvals streamline project collaboration as team members submit tasks with descriptions and estimated timelines for project manager approval. Enhance project efficiency by ensuring clear communication and alignment between team members and project managers.
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Project Reports

Our Project Reports deliver comprehensive insights into project timelines, showcasing detailed breakdowns of time spent by each employee. Highlighting accounted and unaccounted hours, the reports include a convenient feature to send reminders, ensuring timely and accurate timesheet submissions from team members for enhanced project management.
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Client Records

Clients records function as a centralized client directory, consolidating all details of existing clients for quick reference. Seamlessly manage client relationships with comprehensive information at your fingertips, enhancing communication and informed decision-making for effective client engagement.
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Project Expense Master

The Project Expense Master offers a detailed ledger of project expenditures, including amounts, creation dates, contributors, and the ability to attach bills, providing a thorough and transparent record of project expenses for efficient financial management.

Emossy is a comprehensive Employee Management Software aimed to streamline automation for organizations of all sizes ranging across all industries.
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