Sales CRM

Empower, Grow and Profit with our simplified CRM and see your business skyrocket 5x faster.

Emossy Sales CRM

Emossy CRM offers centralized database to track and interact with customers. With simplified lead tracking, opportunity management, and sales forecasting tools, monitor customer journeys efficiently. 

Intuitive Sales CRM Dashboard

Track lead conversion status, prioritize tasks and classify conversion through our dashboard. Get a detailed real-time overview of targets to plan future strategies and drive growth with accurate data. 

Lead to Deal Management

With Emossy CRM, contact large volumes of raw data and speed up lead conversion goals on a daily basis. Furthermore, you can also schedule meetings and follow ups to catalyze conversions through your CRM sales account. 

Sales Workflow Tracker

Empower and boost sales team performance with Emossy CRM. Stay onboard with accomplished goals and address weak points strategically to devise sales strategies that align with your business goals.

With Emossy CRM, you can import raw data and manage contacts, accounts, sales team performance, lead conversion, categorize deals and schedule follow ups easily with AI assistance. 
Yes, you can definitely switch to Emossy CRM software for small businesses in India to streamline business development plans to help your startup flourish. 
To book a free demo to avail Emossy CRM, you can visit our online portal and fill in the required details and click on Submit. 


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