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Why juggle 15 software when you can conquer all with just one?
HRMS, PayRoll, Timesheet, Project Management.

You Name It, We Have It.
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HRMS Software with Integrated Payroll and PMS- Emossy
Emossy is a team player.
Seamlessly integrates
with other platforms.

Our Features

Manage everything in one workspace
Various features of employee management secure system
Emossy features like Project Master, Growth Module, CRM Module, Project Finance
Important features of an hr software reflect in a colourful way of single window
Important features of hrms software reflect in a colorful box
Employee Management Secure System
Emossy for corporate leaders


Optimized workforce to boost operational efficiency. Enabling corporate leaders to build revolutionary organizations and elevate employees.

Emossy for HR Managers


Increased productivity with enhanced workflows and streamlined communication. Uplifting HR professionals to navigate employee management.

Emossy for Employees


One-stop platform for all organization-
related information. Enriching employee satisfaction and individual growth.

Why to choose Emossy?
But, Why Emossy?
Optimize your workforce with cutting-edge modules to
enhance employee efficiency and productivity.
Elevate employee experience and ensure a seamless blend of
satisfaction and efficiency through streamlined workflows.
Foster the growth of an empowered organization, boasting a
culture of collaboration and innovation.
With Emossy you can streamline workflows with an intuitive
design and innovative features that help you tailor your
Employee Management plan according to your needs.
Emossy for Any Industry
Use for Technology & Services Industry


Foster a dynamic workplace by streamlining desired workflows to ensure the best employee experience.

Healthcare Industry


Manage everything from patient workflows and documentation to inventory and finances. .

Staffing and Recruitment Industry


Efficiently streamline cumbersome process like recruitment, onboarding, employee management and development.

Media and Entertainment Industry


Elevate creativity and streamline production workflows to empower your team to survive in a dynamic industry.

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Just A Tap Away!
Clock-in and clock-out, apply for leaves, receive real-time updates all at the
tap of your finger.
With Emossy’s innovative mobile app, enjoy the added security of bio-metric
attendance recording for a seamless employee experience anytime,
Emossy is a comprehensive Employee Management Software aimed to streamline automation for organizations of all sizes ranging across all industries.
You can avail the Emossy Experience for FREE with a 15-day trial.
Emossy easily integrates with all industry leading tools.
Our team works relentlessly to cater to your queries round-the-clock.
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